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10 Reasons to Stay Hydrated

10 Reasons to Stay Hydrated

10 Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Water is very important for a healthy and fit life. It supports the

functioning of every organ. More than half of the body weight is due to

the presence of water. It helps to regulate the temperature of the

body; healthy functioning of the kidney, permits proper circulation etc.

Here we have some benefits which you will experience after staying


1. Helps to get in shape


If the body does not have enough water, then it will start to

produce cholesterol for the functioning of the cells. Increasing the

intake of water before your meals will definitely end up in weight

loss. This is because water contains zero calories and it will fill

your stomach and you will eat less as compared while having the

meal on an empty stomach.

2. Makes the skin glow

Regular water consumption will improve the texture and color of

the skin. It will also help the skin to regulate the temperature of

the body through sweating. Proper hydration will result in

reduced acne, blackheads and pimples by flushing out the toxins.

3. Prevents from headache

Water deprivation is the main cause of headache. Headaches can

be avoided to an extent by remaining hydrated. In some cases,

dehydration may lead to migraine. So, if you have frequent

headaches, try to drink water regularly.

4. Reduces digestive disorders


Water will help in reducing bloating, ulcers, gas and acidity. Water

helps in the movement of the water quickly which will result in

less frequent constipation. A body with proper hydration will be

able to purge the toxins and the metabolic wastes easily.

5. Improves the physical performance

When the body performs any physical activity, it will require a lot

of water. In order to protect the body and improve the

functioning of the body, you will have to stay hydrated before,

during and after the exercise.

6. Boost the brainpower

According to studies, drinking water when you feel thirsty will

help you to think and act. People who drink water during the

cognitive tasks are able to perform better than the rest and even

mild dehydration can impair the cognitive function. It helps to

keep the mind sharp.

7. Removes the waste and bacteria

People who drink regular amount of water are less affected by the

bladder and kidney infections as the water helps to flush out the

microbes present in the excretory organs. Since, these organs are

responsible for the removal of toxins and body waste so, they are

sensitive to disease without proper hydration.


8. Decreases the joint pain

Drinking water will help in reducing the joint pain by keeping the

cartilage hydrated and soft. The cartilage in our body requires

sufficient amount of water to remain healthy as it is about 85% of

the water. Proper hydration will help in joint repair after workouts

or any injuries and also protects the spinal cord and tissues.



9. Helps in staying young

Staying dehydrated will force the body i.e. every cell, tissue and

organ will have to work harder, which means the aging gets

faster. But on the other hand, if the body is provided with

sufficient amount of water then the body will look, feel and act

young. It will make the body active.


10. Controls the blood pressure


The blood consists of about 92% of the water. So, it helps the

blood to move freely through the veins and arteries and prevents

the blood pressure. But if the body is dehydrated, then it will

introduce high blood pressure as the blood will not be able to

move freely.