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Negative Health Effects of the Pokémon Go Game for Children and Adults

Negative Health Effects of the Pokémon Go Game for Children and Adults

Pokémon Go is a free location based reality game that promotes physical activity. It has been developed for both iOS and Android users. It was first released in July 2016 and is very popular all around the world. In this game, players use their smart device’s GPS and camera to capture, battle, and train virtual characters, called Pokémon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. Pokémon Go is built on the Niantic real world gaming platform. As you move around, your phone will vibrate and let you know Pokémons are around you. It has quickly become one of the most used mobile apps after its release and was downloaded by more than 75 million people. It created a controversy about players causing accidents and becoming a public nuisance at some locations. Several organizations have issued warnings about the potential health hazard of playing the game. It has both positive aspects and negative aspects. Its positive effects include helping with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. However, the game has the potential for negative health consequences for adults as well as children.

1. Problems are due to excessive roaming and lack of attention to ones surroundings.



The game encourages its players to roam around. Many players spend most of their time looking at their phone instead of being aware of their surroundings. Players have sprained their ankles, tripped, or fallen because they are completely focused on playing Pokémon Go and looking only at their smart phone instead of looking where they are going. For example, after downloading the game, players have slipped and fallen into ditches, and fractured bones in their foot.

2. Playing the game too much every day may lead to stress fractures.



According to some doctors playing Pokémon Go too much in one day could lead to muscle soreness and stress fractures. Players who weren’t used to doing physical activity are advised to build up their activity rate slowly.

3. Playing Pokémon go while driving may cause accidents.



Driving while using a phone is considered a bad and very unsafe idea. When bikers and car drivers are playing Pokémon Go, they are at high risk for accidents. It can lead to death or serious injuries.

4. Carelessness of players can make them suspicious.



The injuries that befall players of Pokémon Go are caused by their own careless behavior. There are some problems that will only happen to players based on their race. Pokémon Go encourages walking around in unusual patterns in unfamiliar neighborhoods, which may lead residents to believe that players of the game are doing something wrong or suspicious.

5. Causing sore legs due to due to a lot of walking.



Pokémon Go is a great incentive for many players to have a more active lifestyle as the game requires a lot of walking. Players who aren’t used to a large amount of exercise should be careful not to overdo things. Walking for miles may leave players exhausted and cause sore legs.

6. Change in behavior of the players.



It is a significant risk factor for increasing physically aggressive behavior. It can also increase emotional and behavioral disorder symptoms. It can cause attention problems such as hyperactivity.

7. Not getting enough sleep may cause an anxiety problem for players.


Pokémon Go players are getting a decreased amount of sleep which can cause anxiety, anger, and depression. The proper amount of sleep is essential to balance moods and promote happiness. It is very important to remember that anything in excess leads to varying degrees of destruction.