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Implanon/ Nexplanon


With so many options for female contraceptives on the market today, it can feel a bit overwhelming when trying to choose the right one. With the modern day busy lifestyle, it helps to know about convenient, safe, and long term options for contraception that make birth control simple. One popular contraceptive that fits your hectic routine perfectly is Nexplanon

nexplanon-implanon-pregnancy prevention

This birth control method comes in a matchstick-sized flexible plastic implant, and is placed under the skin of the upper arm. Implanon—or Nexplanon, the newest version of the contraceptive—prevents pregnancy for three years by creating hormonal changes to the female reproductive system. These changes include a gradual release of a synthetic version of the female progestin hormone, which stops the ovaries from releasing an egg. As an extra barrier for pregnancy prevention, the amount of cervical mucus multiplies, making it extremely hard for sperm to even come close to entering the uterus. With accuracy for pregnancy prevention at over 99%, the Implanon is unarguably a top contraceptive option.

The process to get the Nexplanon rod implanted is simple and quick, consisting of an outpatient procedure done under local anesthetic in your doctor’s office. At Southwest Urgent Care & Family Practice, we pride ourselves on offering you the Neplanon implant option, our healthcare professionals are specially trained in the Neplanon insertion technique. Even though the implant is effective for three years, it can be removed at any time, or a new Nexplanon can be implanted after the initial three year period. Since being introduced and FDA-approved in 2006, the Implanon has been a popular alternative for pregnancy prevention for over two and a half million women around the globe, and it continues to gain momentum in the contraceptive industry.

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