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Lipoma Removal Surgery


Lipomas are the most common non-cancerous soft tissue growth/lump that form as a result of an overgrowth of fat tissues in a slim, fibrous capsule located beneath the skin. Lipomas are usually very small, soft to the touch, and shaped like a dome.




They can be found anyplace on the body where there are fat cells, such as neck, torso, upper arms, armpits, upper thighs, and there can be one or more lipomas on your skin at the same time.

Does Being Overweight Cause A Lipoma? What Causes It?

Being overweight does not cause lipoma, in fact; a minor injury may trigger its growth. Lipomas (also known as lipomata) are fairly common. About 1% of all people will develop a lipoma.

What actually causes lipomas is not completely understood, however there may be tendency to develop them as a result of an inherited faulty gene.

At What Age Can A Lipoma Occur?

Lipomas can occur in all age groups, however most often appear after age 40. A single instance occurs with similar frequency in men and women, while multiple lipomas occur more often in men.

Are Lipomas Painful?

Most lipomas do not cause any pain or other symptoms, but, this depends on its location on the body. If a lipoma is deeper than just under your skin, you will not be able to see or feel it. But it might press on other nerves or organs and cause symptoms. Sometimes, the most irritating symptom is the area or its increased size that makes it noticeable by others.

How Are Lipomas Diagnosed?

A lipoma can be diagnosed and recognized by its appearance alone, but rarely can doctors tell for sure whether the lump is a lipoma or not. Ultrasounds are sometimes required to scan the affected area. They can certainly be confused with malignant (cancerous) tumors, referred to as liposarcomas. Thus, your medical professional may want to remove it to be certain the growth is non-cancerous.

Are Lipomas Cancerous?

Lipomas are generally not cancer. The cancerous tumors of fat cells are referred to as liposarcomas. They are a type of soft tissue sarcoma, and in most cases these do not start from a lipoma. But it is important to tell your doctor if your lipoma changes in any way, or if you get any new lumps.

How To Prevent Lipomas?

There is no known treatment to prevent lipomas or affect their growth, and usually, they do not need to be removed. But sometimes you or even your physician may want the lipoma taken off.

This could be because it: affects body function or movement, is increasing in size, drains foul-smelling discharge, becomes inflamed or infected continually, and others.

How Are Lipomas Removed?

You only need a small operation under local anesthetic to have a lipoma removed. At Southwest Urgent Care, we pride ourselves in offering you this surgical procedure, and our healthcare professionals are specially trained in Lypoma removal surgery.

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