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Quick Weight Loss


Probably keeping all types of diet, strict or permissive,

large amount

of physical exercises and the constant count of consumed calories is not giving you the weight loss result you are hoping for. Perhaps an advanced medical program, conceived



for weight loss, might be your best alternative. You can find such program in Houston TX, at the Southwest Urgent Care & Family Practice. The process is entirely safe, as you will be in constant supervision of a board certified physician. The strategy of the clinic for an efficient weight loss is based on creating a diet according to your body’s status and issues, combined with FDA approved weight loss pills and Lipo-B shots, prescribed and advised by a physician.

Having a body weight that exceeded the normal value can be health threatening and can also shorten your life expectancy. The medical personnel at the clinic, through their diet, teaches you what healthy eating means in the first place and helps you apply it in your case. To make the weight loss process more efficient, your metabolism will be also helped by FDA approved medication that slows down the appetite and a set of Lipotropic B-12 injections meant to burn off your fat deposits.


Doctor will always


you that losing weight in a healthy manner, like following a balanced diet and doing physical exercises, is the best way to reduce your weight. But there are cases when this condition can only be corrected with the help of medication. Although it may seem like the easiest way to achieve the goal of being thinner, this type of strategy does not fit every person. You will be admitted to the program after a close medical expertise, which will declare you suited for the weight loss program. Blood tests will be done to make sure your essential organs are functioning properly. If the medical staff considers necessary, you might experience additional testing, like an EKG, to make sure you are not exposed to any health risks.

If you are decided it is time to make some changes in your life, please call our office to make an appointment for initial weight loss management consultation.